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SIG/Core Wiki


The Rocky Linux Core Special Interest Group (SIG/Core) dedicates themselves to the development, building, management, production, and release of Rocky Linux for the Enterprise Linux community and the many users around the world. This group is a mixture of core Rocky Linux developers and infrastructure and the members of this group are also members of other groups within the Rocky Linux community (such as SIG/AltArch) as well as the Enterprise Linux community as a whole.


SIG/Core strives to ensure a stable distribution is developed, built, tested, and provided to the community from the RESF as a compatible derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. To achieve this goal, some of the things we do are:

  • Ensuring a quality and fully compatible release product
  • Developing and iterating on the build systems and architecture
  • Developing all code in the open
  • Setting the technical direction for the build system architecture
  • Release of beta and final products to the end users and mirrors
  • Release of timely updates to the end users and mirrors

See the What We Do page for a more detailed explanation of our activities.

Getting In Touch / Contributing

There are various ways to get in touch with SIG/Core and provide help, assistance, or even just ideas that can benefit us or the entire community.

For a list of our members, see the Members page.

Resources and Rocky Linux Policies

General Packaging Resources

Last update: 2023-04-07